Requiescat In Pace, Barbara Curtis { my tribute to a courageous Mommy blogger }

Barbara Curtis has died.  This morning I weep but I also laugh--because Mama Barbara was one amazing woman. Barbara was a warrior, an unabashed Mommy-blogger, a mother of 12 and an advocate for children everywhere.

Barbara wrote loud and fierce, with wild abandon and tenacity. She was opinionated and brashly political. She was uncompromising and a true fighter. Sometimes I found myself on the receiving end of her prickly rebuke but I also benefited from her staunch support--especially when I started speaking out against Mike & Debi Pearl.

I loved that woman.

She was badass and brave. She was big and loud and blazingly authentic. Sometimes I just really hated her brusque tone and other times I was deeply grateful for it.

What defined Barbara Curtis was her lioness heart. The reason she wrote so courageously was because she loved so courageously. In a politically-correct age, Barbara was unafraid to roar. And she roared because she loved. She roared because she cared so deeply, so emphatically, so ridiculously. She loved to the point of utter foolishness.

And yet, THAT foolishness is what made her great. How many of us are that brave? How many of us love beyond reason, beyond logic? How many of us stand unshakable even in the face of harsh, fiery criticism?

Barbara did.

When I heard she was dying, I went to her blog. And I sorta freaked out. I was like: ack! Her last post is about why liberals hate the Romneys! Why oh why couldn't it be something all sentimental and unoffensive?!

And then I stopped myself and was like: you know what? Her last post was perfect because it was so HER.

THAT is the real Barbara Curtis.

She lived with a bang and she died with a bang. Rock on, Mama Barbara. Rock on.