Weeping Beauty

Ballet is exquisite, living art. It is a transcendent combination of music and movement. What gives ballet its luminous magic is that these dancers perform nearly impossible, supremely difficult steps and make it look effortless, light as air, ethereal. It is the kind of beauty that makes me weep. This past weekend I took my ballerina to Swan Lake. During the pas de deux, I was simply transported. I lost all sense of time and space and was wholly encompassed by something--something I can only describe as an experience of pure beauty.

Everything fell away. All my worries about my book, all my heartbreak, all my fretting. It simply fell away, sloughed off me like dead skin.

And of course, I wept.

It was the weeping of relief, of letting go, of realizing that no matter what happens--He makes all things beautiful...

Beauty lifted me.