Why You Should Attend My Session at #Allume: "Write Yourself Free!"

I'm flying to the Allume blogging conference tomorrow. I'll be speaking on Friday morning at 10am. My session is called "Her Story: Write Yourself Free!"

I'll be sharing the lessons I learned in developing my voice as an emotionally honest, courageously vulnerable writer. Additionally, I'll be reading an excerpt from my upcoming book!

Here's a brief description of my session:

Are you afraid of telling your most painful stories? Good! Let's do THAT! Writing courageously is about leaning into our fearful places and finding those buried jewels of insight. As we tell the truth about our stories, we become more real and more free. With practical inspiration for developing emotional honesty, writing courageously will inspire you to live AND write beyond fear.

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My hope is that this session inspires you to live and write your own courageous journey. I would love to see you there. Please be sure to come introduce yourself--I can't WAIT to meet you in real life!