How an ENFP celebrates the holidays {aka, why you should invite an ENFP to your holiday party}

Oh, how I love a good party! I love flitting around, be-bopping in and out of conversations, laughing uproariously, yammering on about a million subjects. I always feel like I'm my very best self during a party. I sparkle. I shine. I make happiness. I connect! I leave a party feeling energized!

Alas, I suck at planning parties. I lose stuff. I despise spreadsheets. I scribble important things on sticky-notes and then stick the notes in unimportant places. Even when I get invited to parties, I forget to RSVP.

Instead, I tend to focus on things like: WHAT CUTE OUTFIT WILL I WEAR?! And also, should I add glitter to my makeup tonight? Clearly, these are the important things.

The good news is that ENFPs make the holidays merry and bright. Oh, my, we do. The lights and sparkle, the prospect of fun. This is our happy place. If you are planning a party, please invite an ENFP. It will be much more fun, I promise. We may even break into spontaneous song!

The bad news is that ENFPs suck at organizing things.

We delay. We procrastinate. We are the ones whom, on Christmas Eve, realize we have not sent out the annual Christmas letter. And also, the stockings are mysteriously unstuffed. HOW DO THESE THINGS HAPPEN?

One Christmas Eve I realized I had not yet wrapped presents. I instantly despaired. This is what happens when ENFPS are faced with their faults: Instant Despair. Instant Despair is like instant coffee, except instead of just adding water, you simply add self-criticism.

This is why ENFPs are rather helpless during the holidays. We get all distracted by the lights and pretties and presents and possibilities! We start imagining sugar plum fairies and sparkly champagne parties and kissing under the mistletoe. Oh! Kissing under the mistletoe! We ENFPs could kiss under the mistletoe for hours.

However, we forget that parties and presents require planning, scheduling and Type A personalities.

Even kissing under the mistletoe requires a bit of forethought. You really can't kiss for hours without needing ChapStick afterwards. But, of course, I can never find my ChapStick, let alone remember to bring it to a party.

These are HUGE problems, I tell you. Huge. Why? Because an ENFP can really bring so much joy and happiness to the holidays, but we require Logistical Help.

We require reminders. We require easy-to-follow instructions. We require affirmation. And mostly, we require that you hide your annoyance that we require all these things.

I know, I know. ENFPs are uh-nnoying.

But I promise: we are well worth the effort. For one thing, if we attend your party, it will rock. It will be memorable. People will send you gushing thank you notes for hosting such a fabulous soiree. In other words, an ENFP just has to show up and YOU get all the credit. Win-win, am I right?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go dress for a party!