This wEEk in reads and twEEts

So, this was my day on Friday:




This is why you should follow me on The Twitter. Because I will answer personal questions. Also, I tweet about sex. Verily, verily I say unto thee, if you don't follow me on The Twitter, YOU MIGHT GET LEFT BEHIND AT THE RAPTURE. Or miss my sex tweets. Same diff, amen?

Moving on to more EDIFYING conversation, here are some reads I enjoyed this week!

Tragically hip: privilege & the emerging church: "Having privilege doesn't mean that one's life is easy or that you've never experienced disadvantage or pain. It is not a personal indictment but an acknowledgement that social and institutional benefits enjoyed by some are denied to others." (Man oh man, sometimes I am SO BLIND to my own privilege!)

Why children should not be on Instagram:  "We need to monitor what our children are doing online. Getting embroiled in this little drama between tween-girl fan sites has opened my eyes. I’ve seen accounts posting pictures of cutitng, I’ve seen pro-anorexia photos, and I’ve seen tons of girls running multiple accounts and sharing intimate details online. Most of them were using location services, even checking in at home and at school. Almost all of them had personal accounts that were not private." (I seriously need to monitor my 13 year old's Instagram account!)

Grace for the privileged, too?   It can be frustrating when I’m engaged in dialog with fellow feminists, eager to learn more and eager to bring my own experiences to the table, only to be raked over the coals after saying something “wrong” without even realizing it.  Often it’s because I am unfamiliar with the lingo and language, so I leave feeling kinda stupid and shamed. (I've felt this way so many times! I really want to learn but I often say the wrong thing--or I just unwittingly expose my blindspots and biases. Being humble has been really important for me. And I'm always grateful for the people who take the time to point me towards books, blogs or resources to help me gain a better awareness and understanding.)

Lastly, I've been taking lots of hot baths. This is what I've learned: