Yes, I am one of those wimpy Californians.

It's been FREEZING cold here in Southern California. And by freezing I mean it's been 55 degrees. I've been going around saying things like: "Can you believe I have to put a JACKET before I go outside??? This is INSANE!" And also: "I'm DYING of cold! WHEN WILL THIS STOPPPPP?" I am such a wimp that when I visited my sister in Chicago a couple winters ago, I got all personally offended at the weather. I was all: How the HELL do people SURVIVE out here? This climate is HOSTILE to human LIFE!

I totally freaked out in the Chicago airport when it was full-on snowing and planes were still taking off. And no, I was NOT reassured when someone told me not to worry because they "de-ice the plane." I was like: WHAT?! THE PLANE HAS ICE ON IT?????

Me and weather don't get along. This is why, no matter how high taxes soar in Southern California and no matter how damn liberal we get, I will NOT leave. I likes my Mediterranean climate. I am Greek. We don't do cold.

That said, I am a complete wimp.

At least, I'm not alone.

This past week, ALL of Los Angeles was freaking out about the "cold" weather. It got so ridiculous that Jimmy Kimmel did a whole segment on it. I got a good laugh out of this:

So, what's the weather like where YOU are today?

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