Why is Cardinal Mahoney going to Rome and voting for the next Pope????!!!!?????

If a priest molests a child he should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He should be immediately dismissed. He should serve jail time. Molesting a child is a criminal act and it should be treated as such. Furthermore, any church authority who is complicit should also be held accountable. This includes covering up the priest's actions, refusing to cooperate with police investigations and/or shipping the priest off to a different parish.

There must be a 100% zero tolerance for the molestation of children and I'm absolutely appalled by the decades long coverups that have gone on under Cardinal Mahoney's watch in Los Angeles.

In light of the release of records that show Cardinal Mahoney actively engaged in the coverup of child molestation, I really cannot believe Cardinal Mahoney is still going to Rome to vote for the next Pope.

This is disgusting and outrageous!!!! HOW is this happening?

I am absolutely HORRIFIED by the sickening, decades-long coverups that directly perpetuated the abuse of children. I am beyond angry. I am OUTRAGED!!!!

I am angry on behalf of the victims!

I am angry at the priests who knew about this and participated in covering it up!

I am angry at fellow Catholics who say these scandals are being overblown by the media!

I am angry at fellow Catholics who say the priests' sins are the result of a "sex-saturated" culture! NO! The priests criminal acts are the result of their OWN decisions. They are responsible!

I am angry about the utter disregard for children! It is an utter mockery for us Catholics to say we uphold the right to life and are very "pro-children" when thousands and thousands of our children are being sexually molested.

I am also angry on behalf of the good, honest and sincere priests who live holy lives and who are suffering as the result of the criminal acts of their fellow priests! I have such respect for the priests who so kindly and humbly helped me into the Church. My heart breaks for these men.

Judgment begins with the house of God. Period. When we refuse to clean our own house, God allows others to clean it for us. I want a full and complete accounting of all wrongdoing. I want 100% transparency! I want the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to seek outside help. I want safeguards. I want background checks. I want humility and contrition.

This is a complete STENCH in the nose of God and I am actually GRATEFUL for the news media and for the watchdog groups and for the advocacy groups that are going after this.

Yes, I am Catholic and I love the Church with all my heart! And it is that LOVE which compels me to demand purity, honesty and transparency!

Cardinal Mahoney, please recuse yourself from voting in the papal conclave!