So, this is new. I'm in the top 100 "ministry blogs"??!

Got an email this morning letting me know I made the spring edition of "Top 200 Ministry Blogs." I came in at #82. They misspelled my name, though. My name is Elizabeth Esther, not Ester. Well, I guess that's better than being called by my usual name: Elizabeth Heretic. ;-) (update: just got another email saying they'll fix the typo within the next day). This is my first time making ANY kind of list, so that's sorta cool. But it also feels weird. There are only 5 women in the top 100, including me. That feels like a skewed ranking system. There are so MANY wonderful women blogging about ministry and theology.

Is writing and talking about theology still primarily the jurisdiction of men, if only because they are rewarded and recognized for it far more frequently than women? It feels that way.

[Sidebar: OMG. I just used the word "feel" three times. NO WONDER I DIDN'T MAKE TOP 50! :)]

But things are changing. And I'm grateful for that. YOU are part of this change. So, thanks for reading, friends. We are becoming change together.

NUMBER 82, people! WHAT UP. :)