Permission to enjoy life

One of the prohibitions many of us learned in childhood is the unspoken rule: "Don't have fun and enjoy life." This rule creates martyrs--people who will not let themselves embrace the pleasures of day-to-day living. Many of us associated suffering with some sort of sainthood.

We can go through the day making ourselves feel anxious, guilty, miserable and deprived. Or we can allow ourselves to go through the same day feeling good.

There is much to be enjoyed each day, and it is okay to feel good. We can let ourselves enjoy our tasks. We can learn to relax without guilt. We can even learn to have fun. --Melody Beattie, "The Language of Letting Go"

I grew up in an environment that claimed grace but didn't live it. I grew up not knowing how to relax, how to enjoy life, how to receive love. Part of my recovery has meant learning how to slow down, to receive and enjoy the pleasures of each day. It's ok for us to enjoy life. It's ok for us to feel good. Can you find something today to enjoy? Can you find something today that makes you feel good? Can you take a deep breath and...relax?