A mandate of freedom

I don't claim infallible sight. I've never claimed to be on a mission from God. What I do claim is the mandate of freedom to see what I see and say what I see.

Some call it truth. Others call it lies. Some call it courage. Others call it cowardice.

Some say I'm leading souls to Hell. Others say I've led them to freedom.

I think the truth--whatever it is--probably lies somewhere in the middle.

Ultimately, what people think of me is none of my business.

If I am overly invested in approval OR disapproval, I give others power over what I see and what I say.

I give myself permission to make mistakes, change my mind, apologize, wear a headscarf, wear a bikini, state an opinion, recant an opinion, experiment, ask questions and find answers wherever I find them.

I believe in a Big God who is able to handle my mistakes and if I've gone off track, well, God is big enough to let me know that, too.

My loyalty is not to my popularity. My loyalty is to knowing myself.

And who I am is ever changing. Growing and changing is scary but I ask God for the courage to change.

There are many things I cannot change and I acknowledge them:

I cannot change others, save others or wait for others to change before I change myself.

I can't wait for others to take care of themselves before I take care of myself.

I can't wait for circumstances to change before I take ownership of my own happiness.

I can't wait for others to recognize my talent before I start exercising my gifts.

I can't wait for someone to rescue me before I save myself.

I can't wait for others to join me before I embark on the journey.

I believe in having fun. I don't take myself too seriously.

I trust myself to make the decisions that are best for me and my family without seeking prior approval from others.

I make an effort to own my side of the blogosphere and keep it pretty.

My side of the blogosphere is damn awesome and I don't need to let batsh*t crazy come crap all over my pretty lawn.

When I protect myself, I protect you. When I don't waste my time, I don't waste yours, either.

When I refuse to engage the crazy, I prevent the spreading of crazy.

I see what I see and I say what I see.

I am a woman of valor.

I believe in freedom.