New Blog Reveal!

Do you like my new blog design? I'm super happy about it. Simple. Clean. Fresh. Many thanks to Micah Murray who was willing to work for me despite my heretical opinions, my offensive appearances on Fox News and my being Catholic. Also, I like dogs and he likes cats. Clearly, he should not associate with the likes of moi. Oh, wait. I'm making that part up. I actually have no idea whether he is a pet-lover or not. Because. When I ask someone to re-design my blog I don't CARE about their opinions on pet-ownership, beer vs. wine, infant baptism vs. "age of accountability," Democrats v. Republicans, YOLOSwag v. SwagYOLO or whether cookie butter is better than biscoff. [Note: Cookie Butter is WAY better. But I digress]. The point is, I just want GOOD work. And I liked what Micah did with his blog. So there.

Micah did a great job for me and, after being rejected by another designer who refused to work for me because she Disagreed With My Opinions, I'm especially grateful for friends like Micah--and YOU, dear reader--who stick with me through my admittedly lame, blundering, often-fraught, sometimes whimsical, messy process. This is my process, yo. Welcome to the beautiful mess.