The Jesus Elevator #31Days of "The Little Way"

The Little Way

"I to find an elevator to lift me up to Jesus, because I am too little to climb the rough staircase of perfection." --St. Therese of Lisieux

Today, October 1, is the feast day of St. Therese of Lisieux. Which means: pumpkin spice lattes, raking leaves, scarves, crisp air, apple picking, colorful foliage. Wait. WHAT? I'm getting my seasons/feast days confused. My apologies. It's Fall. And I'm all excited about it.

Back to the point: have I mentioned how much I love St. Therese?

She was an emotional wreck. She cried like a baby. She was super-duper melodramatic. She joined a convent at 15. And died at 24. She did NOTHING huge with her life. Except love God with all her melodramatic, exclamation point!!!-y-heart and soul. YAY--there's hope for the rest of us!!!!!!!!!! and !!!!!!!!.

St. Therese is hugely beloved in the Catholic Church because she created "The Little Way"--a way to express love to God through small, daily acts of love toward others. Daily kindness. An encouraging word. A smile.

There's this story of St. Therese sitting in a prayer time and the nun behind her was making all kinds of annoying noise. Therese found it impossible to focus on her prayers and was sorely tempted to turn around and give the offending nun a withering stare. Dude. I get this. Remember in school when THAT ONE KID would repeatedly click his pen? Or tap his desk? Or make weird little mouth sounds? Point is, anyone who can sit through UH-NOYING stuff like that deserves sainthood, IMHO.

Also? I am DEFINITELY not cut out for climbing the rough staircase of religious perfection. BUT! I can totally punch an elevator button and wait for Jesus to come pick me up. And I will cheerily chat with whomever is nearby! Chatting! Talking! Smiling! Encouraging! Cheering people on! Yes, yes. I can do that.

So, I'm linking up with The Nester's 31 Day challenge under "Simplicity & Organizing" because I reckon riding an elevator to Jesus is the SIMPLEST way to get me on up to Heaven. Why do I suddenly have a Southern drawl to my voice? Weird. Therese was French. I need to work on this, oui-oui? OK, stopping now.