6a00d83451d95b69e20120a795f2c0970bWelcome to the SATURDAY EVENING BLOG POST!This is where bloggers gather to share their favorite post from the previous month.

I'll begin by sharing my favorite piece: Loneliness & Tuna Casseroles. Sometimes I need to remind myself just to STOP THINKING so much and write from my heart. I did that with this post and when I hit publish, I wasn't sure whether it would resonate but I knew that *I* felt really good about it. And then, YOU really DID love it. :) So. Write from the heart.

Now, it’s your turn! Here’s how to participate:

  1. Pick one of YOUR posts from the last month.
  2. Insert the link to that specific post(not your home page) into the form here.
  3. Spread the word. Share The Saturday Evening Blog Post on Facebook, Tweet about it, or write a new post on your blog encouraging your readers to come join the party! The more the merrier! It’s always fun to “meet” new bloggers.

The Saturday Evening Blog Post is a celebration of art and writing. Please no links to products or giveaways. Thank you.

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