Wanna ask @HarryConnickJr a question? Then JOIN ME and my @IdolTweethearts for an @AmericanIdol Twitter party! #IdolPreParty

1497570_10153669153155627_2054020605_n So, it's like all official and stuff. American Idol liked what I wroteThey really, really like me! I mean. WHY WOULDN'T THEY?! Ahem. *Cough.* Sorry, just getting All The EXCITEDS over here about the new season. Point is: American Idol has chosen me and my beloved IdolTweethearts to host the the FIRST EVER Twitter party! And I'm hoping YOU, my beloved readers, will join us? Because why? BECAUSE HARRY CONNICK JR. WILL BE THERE TO ANSWER ALL YOUR QUESTIONS!

Oh, heyyy-lo.

Yep, THE #HarrickConnickMcHotnessJr will be joining us, the IdolTweethearts to answer YOUR questions!! Aaaaand....as if that weren't enough! There will be prizes! And two other special guests! Party! Glitter! Fun! Hugs! Unicorns! OK, maybe not unicorns.

Did I mention Harry Connick Jr? Pretty much unicorns not needed. Now, go like the IdolTweethearts Facebook Page and join me on Twitter, Monday 1/13 @ 4pm PT/7pm ET! 

P.S. Look who has her little profile pic all blinged out with the official American Idol logo! *happy*