Protecting Christian homeschooling's reputation vs. protecting abused kids, slam poetry for menstruation, children of Christian narcissists and books I've been reading

This is how I imagine myself. Minus the lung cancer, of course. (Click on the pic to see the whole collection of classy people from the past)

See the whole collection in this piece from Distractify: 50 Classy People From the Past

Slam poetry for menstruation? Oh, yeah. I watched this with my 14 year old daughter and was hollering "YES YES YES" the whole time. "If any fool mishandles your wild geography...spill your impossible Scripture all over everything he loves..." (Note: some salty language, NSFW)

It's Not You, It's Me: Children of Christian Narcissists: Religion is not a requirement for emotionally abusive behavior, but I do think it is fair to examine how Christianity (the dominant religion in the United States) can act as a great disguise for narcissistic people....READ MORE HERE "It's Not Me, It's You: Children of Christian Narcissists." 


Old Schoolhouse Publishers Accused of Protecting Child Molesters: "Paul and Gena Suarez — publishers of The Old Schoolhouse Magazines and owners of a global homeschooling empire and Speakers Bureau — have tried to hide and protect (1) a teenage child molester, (2) a convicted, known, and repeat child abuser, and (3) an adult in possession of child pornography. This account has also been corroborated by numerous members of the Suarezes’ company and community." READ MORE HERE (their OWN teenage son was allegedly sexually molesting his 6 year old nephew.)


12 year old Detroit boy missing for 2 weeks found safe in his basement: "The boy, who was homeschooled and on a strict exercise routine, was often beat with a PVC pipe that has now been taken in as evidence." Read more:

After I shared the above story on my FB page, the following comment made me really upset--and furthermore that TWENTY people liked it.

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So, I answered:

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