How to lay aside habitual sins (hint: trying harder doesn't work)

I came across the following meditation recently and it was such a sweet relief. I've spent so much of my life analyzing my character defects, obsessively tracing my patterns of sin and trying so hard to Be Good. When really, all God asks of me is just to "stay in the boat" and He will restore my calm. I hope this meditation encourages you, too.

Whatever can I say in order to stop the multitude of your thoughts? Don't try, excessively, to heal your heart, as your efforts would only make it more infirm. Don't make too great an effort  to overcome your temptations, as this violence would only make them stronger.... Keep Jesus Crucified present in your imagination. Stay in the boat in which he has placed you, and let the storm come.... at the opportune time He will awake to restore your calm. --St. Pio of Pietrelcina