10 Reasons Why Blogging Is Better (for me) Than Facebook; aka "Blog's Not Dead and Neither is my Blogging!"

Awwww, thanks friends for all your feedback on my "Is Blogging Dead?" post. I really appreciated it. Here's what I learned from you:

  1. People like reading blogs precisely BECAUSE a blog ISN'T Facebook.
  2. Blogs provide anonymity for commenters who want to weigh in on topics while protecting their privacy.
  3. A blog is a better medium for good writing—and since good writing is what I value MOST, it makes more sense for me to stay right here. (Thankfully, YOU appreciate good writing, too!).
  4. Facebook and social media are better mediums for off-the-cuff commentary. Render unto Facebook what is Facebook's and render unto Blog what is Blog's, amen?
  5. A blog gives me sole ownership of my content and honors my hard work in producing high-quality material. YOU DON'T OWN ME, FACEBOOK!
  6. A thousand likes on Facebook doesn't necessarily indicate quality content; ie. just because Kim Kardashian's butt goes viral doesn't mean she produced art. SO THERE.
  7. A loyal, thoughtful readership is FAR more valuable to me than being "popular on Facebook." (Why? See #6 above). Over the years, my blog readers have challenged my thinking, helped me process new ideas, offered support and provided helpful suggestions.
  8. Blog comments are generally more thoughtful. If someone is taking the time to login to Disqus and compose a reply it's because they genuinely care about what I've written and they want to thoughtfully engage other commenters.
  9. Facebook comments don't necessarily indicate loyalty—the new algorithms on Facebook attract random trolls who have never read my writing and yet feel free to crap all over my FB page just because they don't like ONE of my opinions.
  10. And most importantly, I feel safer on my blog than I do on Facebook. So, I'm gonna stay right here and keep on writin' no matter WHAT the rumors say about Blogs Dying and Whatnot! SO THERE. Ah-men and Ah-meen.