What if we just let ourselves enjoy life?

To celebrate New Year's Eve, I sewed a maxi skirt and a matching scarf. Because sewing makes me happy and why go out to a fancy party when you can sew away to your heart's content and then put on your PJs at 3pm and watch the Lord of the Rings marathon on TV? I mean. Does life get any better than that? I think not. Also, I fell asleep at 10pm because my tired, little, old-lady eyeballs just couldn't stay open until midnight. (And anyway, who wants to feel all groggy and tired the next day? NOT ME!).

Yep, my hair is blonde now. Did I mention that? I like it. If the year 2015 was a Broadway show I could call it "EE & The Technicolor Dream Hair." These were just a few of the colors:

Playing with hair color was a journey of self-expression for me. I gave myself full permission to experiment. It was so much fun. It felt like different facets of my personality came out to play. Dark & Mysterious. Purple & Playful. Pink & Pretty. But I've settled into blonde now and I think it's here to stay awhile.

This morning I woke up and it was New Year's Day and everyone was still asleep. So, I shuffled downstairs in my slippers, fed the dogs, started the coffee pot, sneezed a few times and then curled up on the couch to read my daily devotional and write in my journal.

The twins were up first, as usual. "Mom, your coffee is ready!" Joss informed me when she heard the coffee pot beeping in the kitchen. I fixed myself a cup and settled back down on the couch while Jor nestled in beside me. This is happiness, I'm sure of it.

After breakfast, we went for a long ramble in the hills.

Sunshine and birdsong and wild bunnies. It did my soul good.

In years past, the New Year found me full of plans, goals, ambitions and the sharp ache of dreams unfulfilled, hopes deferred. But now, this year...my soul is at rest. I know who I am. I know how far I've come. I know what is important in life and what is NOT important. I know how to be happy. I don't need a list of resolutions or a diet plan or anything, really, than what I already have. I have found that gratitude opens my eyes to the beauty of the life I already have and isn't that a miracle?

We walked and walked until our legs were tired and our lungs heaving for breath. Then we got juice smoothies and pretzels. We sat in the bright sunshine and talked about Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty and even though Linus looks like a baby carrying that blanket he always has something profound to say. We laughed at the little birds hopping around our feet, chirping. We tossed the little birds a few pretzel crumbs.

This is my life now and I am so grateful for it.

Let's love our lives together this year, shall we?

We don't have to wait until things are perfect before we allow ourselves to enjoy the lives we already have. Things may be broken. But there is still beauty. And love. Always love.

From my heart to yours, Happy 2016.

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