Books! Lip balm! Self-tanner! (my fun picks for summer)

I don't know about you but I am SO ready for summer! Beaches, books, cookouts, fireworks, hikes, long hours spent reading by the pool...I can't wait! I've put together a fun little list of my summer favorites and thought I'd share them here with you!

#1 Light Summer Reading

Can I be honest for a minute? My brain is tired. I've spent the last four years reading such serious, heavy books that I'm pretty sure the wiring in my brain is starting to short-circuit. This summer I plan on reading nothing but LIGHT, FUN, FLUFFY FLUFFERSONS. Here are my picks (you can click on book covers for direct Amazon link):



#2 Leave-in Hair Conditioner

My hair stylist recommended Marrakesh Argan & Hemp Oil Therapy and now I use it after EVERY hair wash. I've used a bazillion hair products (my hair is slightly wavy, fine and prone to breakage). This leave-in conditioner is BY FAR the best. It's light, non-greasy and smells AMAZING. As a bonus, it acts as a smoother and detangler. YAY, less split ends! PERFECT for summer!



#3 Breezy, fresh fragrance

I wear this perfume year-round but I especially appreciate it during the hot, sweaty summer months. Light, delicate with the barest hint of floral, all you need is one spray on your wrists and this Chanel Chance perfume will last the whole day. There are several varieties of Chance perfumes. I remember my favorite is the PINK ONE. :) Or, in fancier terms, "Eau Tendre." 


#4 Glowing daily moisturizer

I rarely use self-tanners but when I saw how beautifully this Jergens lotion worked on a friend, I had to try it. I use it every morning as a daily moisturizer for my legs and arms (avoid ankles, knee caps, elbows). The bronze color develops gradually—I saw results in about 7 days—and it looks just gorgeous. It even smells delicious!


#5 Mini lip balm

I know Vaseline isn't anything new or fancy but this MINI size is super convenient. I bought it on impulse but found that I use it more than my other, more expensive lip balms. It makes my lips SO SOFT. My kids love it, too—especially because it's not "smelly" like other chapsticks. It's small size is perfect for stashing in a purse or makeup bag. I'll be carrying at least two of these with me all summer.

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