The Kitchen: Prison-Cell or Artist's Studio?

Pict0007_1I am not a naturally gifted cook. I don't especially enjoy cooking. Cooking and I are acquaintances, but we're not best friends.

A woman in the kitchen is often equated with the dull, unintelligent work of a 50's housewife. It's right up there with barefoot and pregnant as far as degrading cliches go.

I've decided to change my mind about cooking. I see a direct parallel between the epidemic of American obesity and time spent in the kitchen. Less time in the kitchen=more fast food=fat kids.

My children will not be fat. I won't allow it. If this means I have to make best friends with cooking, I will do it.

I will view the kitchen as an artist's studio. The spatula and measuring cup are my paintbrushes. Ingredients are my paint. My canvas, the plate.

Cooking is not drudgery. Cooking is art.