You talkin' to me?

I should have known that an aerobics class called "Pump n' Sculpt" was going to work me over. I'm more of a "Huff n' Puff" kinda gal. But hey, I was feeling optimistic.

I picked out my weights and shuffled to a spot in the back of the room. The instructor began the class and I was lovin' it,  grooving to the music and then, she stopped everyone.

"OK," she hollered, "do NOT do your lunges like this!"

She demonstrated a lunge that looked, oddly enough, exactly like mine. Oopsie, I thought.

She continued the work-out. There I was, puffing along, mindfully focusing on proper lunge technique.

Suddenly, she stopped the music entirely. The room went dead-silent.

"OK," she said, "I'm really concerned here. Some of you are doing this wrong and you are setting yourselves up for a MAJOR injury!"

She demonstrated correct lunging again. We got that the first time, I think. Come on, now. You're killin' me with all the chatting.

She turned the music back on. We lunged, we did bicep curls.

She turned the music off. "Ok, those of you who need to leave are free to go." I glance at the clock. She's ending the class 40 minutes early? What the---?

I put away the weights and am headed out the door toward the treadmill when---


I turned. The instructor was waving at me wildly. "Can you stay?"

Is she talking to me?


"Good, good. I want to work with you and another girl...alone."

Yes, my friends. Apparently, I am the one who was setting herself up for MAJOR knee injury. I am the reason the class was cut short by 40 minutes--"don't worry, most of the girls have to leave at 10 anyway," she said. I'm the one who had the special privilege of working alone with the instructor---"I really only do this during personal training sessions," she informed me & the other shame-faced woman.

What did she want? A tip?

And here's an extra $20 just for the humiliation factor, thanks so much.

On a better note, Curves sent me a free 21-day trial coupon today. Maybe I'll take my dumb-bells and go sweat in private, behind those nicely curtained doors!