Precious Jewel.


My girl. My first born.

Jewel is quiet, like her father. She observes, keeps her own counsel, measures the risk before taking the leap.

She is serious and soft-spoken but loves to be silly. Her laugh is infectious.

Jewel is my helper. I often call her my "other set of hands."  I can ask her to clean, feed the boys, read to them, finish all her homework, sweep, or practice her piano and she does it cheerfully---almost always without a complaint.

The Mateo calls her our "straight arrow." She flies strong and true, never swerving from the course.

Jewel is an artist. She would rather sit quietly and paint than play at a friend's house.

Things that annoy Jewel: her brothers, people who talk loudly, a change in schedule, not getting it right the first time.

I love that I know every single thing about her. I miss her so much when she's in school!