It's My 30th Birthday!!!


Guess what? I'm a big girl now! I'm THIRTY!

Ten years ago, today, Matt proposed to me! Twenty years ago, today, my mom threw me the best party ever--I still remember it! Thirty years ago today, I was born @ 5:30pm, weighing in at 9lbs. 11oz.

And today? I feel great! Honestly, I've never been happier, healthier, or more secure in who I am and in where I am going.

The Lord has blessed me immeasurably. It is all of grace, truly.

AND I'm havin' me a fabulous par-tay!! Here's a sneak peek:


A costume party, you say? Oh yeah. You're never too old for dress-up!!

I'll post pics of the party on Sunday!

Until then, I need to go practice my best Scarlett O' Hara accent!