Oh, what a night! My voice was hoarse after all the laughing, talking, and singing---who needs a karaoke machine to karaoke? Not us!


A few of the distinguished guests included, from left: Scarlett O'Hara (me!), Snow White (Eden), Mrs. Smith/Lara Croft (Dawn), Britney Spears (Rachel), and Princess Leia (Danielle)!

see the Birthday Bash photo album for more pics!

Highlights of the night:

1. Cutting the Cake---the party hasn't started until someone gets cake smashed in their face!

2. Champagne Corks---hitting the ceiling!

3. An M.C. Hammer impersonation by none other than Forrest Gump (Erik)!

4. The Bald Cap---who didn't try it on??

Like this...


Did you know I married Daddy Warbucks?! hee hee.

All in all, a splendifer-ous evening! And know what? I'm not thirty!

I'm $29.95 + tax!!!

Thanks to all of you who made my B-day Bash so, so special--including those of you who couldn't be there but sent your love! I am so blessed to have such a wondrous circle of friends old, friends new, & cyber friends! :-)