Snippets of Life At Home

My life is usually much slower than the party pictures might suggest.

I truly relish being at home with my children. Each year it seems to get better---no, seriously. Sometimes I feel like I have to defend that, as if people don't believe I could truly enjoy "JUST" being a stay-at-home mom.

But I do!!

Anyway, last week I had some overly ripe bananas. I was so proud of myself for turning them into homemade banana bread that I just had to take some pics---using my new camera, of course!

I know I'm a nerd--but I've always loved homework.

That dry, warm, waxy scent of crayons.

Crisp, lined paper.

A freshly sharpened pencil. Ahhhh!

Hopefully, my love of learning will be transmitted to my children!
Img_0417 Here they are, working on homework in the little homework space I created for them.

So, what inspires you about life at home? What do you enjoy the most? The least?

Please leave a comment! I so enjoy reading your comments--it makes me smile all day!