As Good/Fake As It Gets

Pict0006Whilst dredging through some pics from last summer, I came upon this self-portrait.

Nothing like a full-makeover at the MAC counter to make you look like a gussied up call-girl.

A simple trip to the MAC counter for "just lipstick" evolved [very quickly, I shamefully admit] to  three eyeshadows, liquid eyeliner, blush, lipstick and bronzer.

My excuse? I was going to be a bridesmaid and my usual makeup routine [read: lip-gloss only] was sorely lacking.

After the makeover, you could tell I felt pretty good by the way I sashayed out of the store, newly purchased cosmetics bulging from the bag.

I also felt fake.

It took me like 15 minutes to scrub the layers of paint off my face. I can't imagine if I had to keep up that kind of appearance day after day. I feel sorry for those MAC girls @ the counter, seriously.

I'll take my simple lip-gloss routine any day. Even if it means I look like this: [thanks, DAWN!]