Preschool As College Prep?

Where I live, parents place their children on preschool waiting lists when their children utero!!

When I called around town to find a preschool for Jude, I was politely informed that I was welcome to attend a school tour, after which Jude would be placed on a waiting list.

"How long is the waiting list?" I asked.

Her answer made me choke. Their waiting list was over four hundred names long!

Apparently, I was three years too late. Parents had been lining up for this pre-school since they got their first ultrasound.

Jewel never went to preschool. It just wasn't right for her. I was warned that Jewel would be waaaay kindergarten. Like not being able to write her name at age 4 was the worst possible thing ever.

Because we all know that  success in life can only be achieved by entering kindergarten having already mastered kindergarten!

Jewel has gone on to be one of the top students in her class.  The principal calls her a "high achiever." I don't know how she did it without going to preschool, ha ha.

James, however, needed to go to school. The boy was too active, too social, too busy, too curious, too everything. Reluctantly, I sent him to Pre-K for 2 days a week. He loved it. He wanted more. For him, it was a good fit.

Jude just finished up a 2 day a week preschool. He never liked going. I made him go, but compromised by picking him up half-day. He grew accustomed to it, but he never enjoyed it.

I think I may save the $300+/mo. pre-K tuition and keep him home next year.

Yes, because here in Southern California, not only are the waiting lists hundreds of names long, the tuition is higher than a car payment.

$300/mo. could buy me a whole heck of a lotta play-doh, paint and construction paper.

I'm certain it will be the perfect preparation