When Mom Can't Take Ya To The Park...

Img_2800..ya might as well do her Pilates video.

The Pilates video has become the favorite pastime. Jude spreads out his precious blankie, James uses the throw from the couch and they do 40 minutes of Pilates.

Which is more than I've ever done.

It must be the pretty instructor wearing black spandex. They listen to her better than they listen to me. She is like, so inspirational!

"Exhale! Down-hale!" Jude crows.

"It's exhale, inhale, Jude," James says.

"Can she see us?" Jude asks.

"Great job!" chirps the pretty instructor in black spandex with a big smile.

Maybe if I tried using that peppy tone of voice and a big smile the kids would listen to me all the time.

Because I've tried the black spandex and honestly? Not so inspirational.