17 Weeks

Img_3619Dear Baby J--

I felt the first movements of your little body about 2 weeks ago. Daddy & I were sitting on  the couch and I felt a distinct tap-tap on my left lower belly. I had Daddy place his hand there and suddenly you tap-tapped against his hand.

Daddy's eyes grew wide. And I laughed.

Now I feel you everyday.

Next week we get to "see" you in an ultrasound. Are you a boy or a girl? For now we're calling you "baby J" because we haven't come up with a "J" name for you, yet.

Daddy likes Job Matthew if you're a boy. I don't know about that. Job is such a weighty name. I like Justus Matthew for a boy. Daddy is OK with Justus, but it doesn't "hit him" he says. I also like Jedidiah Matthew, Jed for short. Daddy does not like Jed or Jedidiah at all.

For a girl I would love Jane Elizabeth. Daddy's not sure about that one. He's always liked the name Jessica. I like Jess but not Jessica. Oh well. We still have time.

I cleared out my closet and said goodbye (for now) to my favorite jeans. I'm beginning to feel better each day--not so exhausted all the time. Daddy says I'm getting that "pregnancy glow."

Your brothers and sister are talking to you now, and sending you kisses through my belly.

I heard a song last week that had me in tears. It's called "Capri" by Colbie Caillat. It's a lullaby love-song to an unborn baby. Daddy found it on iTunes.

I love you, sweet baby inside me.