Img_3558I love morning.

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

I open my eyes each day and feel that joyful anticipation of a new day, renewed love, the quiet duties that fill my hands with good, honest work.

We always start our day with a proper breakfast. The Mateo loves to slice up a big bowl of fresh fruit. I tend to the coffee pot and put the organic, chicken-sausage into a pan.

The Mateo whisks egg whites and egg substitute, usually adding whatever vegetable we have on hand: summer squash, green onion, mushrooms, a bit of avocado.

Sometimes Jude will sit at the table watching us prepare breakfast, quietly awaiting his morning meal. He doesn't fuss or complain, he just sits there and waits, knowing that very soon his little belly will be full of good food.

The Mateo and I often chuckle at this little observer, comfortably perched in his booster seat, little blankie tucked under his chin, eyes watching us move about the kitchen. Jude seems so trusting and peaceful in these moments, watching the familiar morning routine.

I realized this morning just how much I've come to enjoy these quiet first moments of the day. The Mateo and I wordlessly falling into our duties and yet, nothing needs to be said. The silence is companionable and gentle--the only sounds the slicing of fruit, the percolating of the coffee pot, the toast popping up in the toaster, the clatter of dishes and flatware.

Jewel and James join us momentarily. Sometimes Jewel helps me set the table. I pour the coffee. The Mateo serves the eggs, I butter the toast.

We all gather at the table and thank the Lord for the blessing of daily food. We eat and share plans for the day.

Without this morning routine which has become something of a tradition in our family, I think I would feel quite adrift, unsteady for the remainder of the day.

I'm curious: What little daily traditions do you practice that help you feel balanced, grounded, in touch with your family? Please share.