Holy cow, I'm having TWIN GIRLS!!!!

"Um....is that..is that TWO HEADS?" I asked. "I mean, that's TWO BODIES!!"

The technician, rolling the ultrasound thingy over my stomach paused. But her face betrayed her. She was blushing.

"Uh...yes. Did you know you were having twins?"


"You didn't know?" she asked.


I turned to my mom, who was holding Jude in her lap.


She started laughing. That happy, amazed, miraculous laugh of faith and joy. I joined her. We laughed and laughed.

I mean, what else can you do?

The Mateo, who was late to the ultrasound, walked in a moment later. I told the kids to be quiet so Daddy could see for himself. He stood next to me, holding my hand and looked up at the TV screen affixed on the wall.

"Is that...is that...am I seeing...?"

"Yes, that's TWINS!" I shrieked.

Yes, I was shrieking at this point. The Mateo went pale, his hand felt cold and for a moment, I thought he was going to faint.

He sat down.

His eyes were full of tears. Good tears, though. Happy tears.

He stared at the screen. And then he looked at me.

"I guess you'll be driving a bus, now," he said, completely dead-pan.

In Mateo-speak this means: On the inside I'm jumping up and down for joy!!

After lots of measurements and pictures, the technician told us the twins are fraternal: two separate placentas, two separate sacs. And they are GIRLS!

Jewel, who was hoping for just ONE sister, yelled with delight.

"SCORE!!" The Mateo said to her and they high-fived each other.

And me? After the initial rush, I surprised myself at how calm and all-business I became. Afterall, wasn't I the one who was talking about twins weeks ago???

So, yeah. Hi, I'm Elizabeth and I have five children!!! Someone wanna sell me a bus?

And here are my baby girls: Baby A & Baby B!!