Why Parents Are Like, SO Gross!

"So, Mom," James begins, "did Daddy put this baby in you or did it happen like the baby Jesus?"

I burst into laughter.

"No, it didn't happen like the baby Jesus," I answer.

James chews his bagel thoughtfully, staring at me.  Now Jewel is listening, content to let James handle The Big Questions. Oh great, I think.

Finally, all accusatory, he says, "You guys did that while we were sleeping, huh?"

Again, I can't help laughing.

"Um, yeah, I guess we did," I answer. I'm not sure he knows what "doing that" means. Does he even remember the strictly scientific reproduction explanation I gave them last year?

"That is SO DISGUSTING!" he declares.

Yep, he remembers. He definitely remembers.

"Ewwww!" Jewel joins in. They collapse onto each other screeching and crowing about how gross their parents are.

I tell them to quiet down. We are, afterall, in a bagel shop. Why do these things happen in public places?

James picks up his bagel and gives me a look, "Well, I wish the baby got in you like the baby Jesus did."

Unfortunately for my kids, being born of a Virgin was a one-time deal.