My Prozac? Pedicures & Pumpkins.

Img_4292Fall is in the air.

Well, not really. I mean, this is Southern California where "cold" is 68 degrees. To us, "weather" is a light rain.

Oh well. I can still pretend. Plus, I needed a reason to decorate. It has been a rough week and decorating? Decorating is my anti-anxiety medication.

So when Matt flew out to the East Coast for business, I pulled out the cornucopia and pumpkin scented candles.

When James had a terrible day in first-grade (he and worksheets just don't get along), I re-arranged the little Autumn Tableaux on my piano top.

When my OB office called to reschedule (again!), I lit all three candles and inhaled deeply.

But when the OB nurse called to inform me that I've had a Urinary Tract Infection for 10 days, I broke down and sobbed. Because everyone has a pain-threshold and I had definitely hit mine.

 Nurse and I had a little heart-to-heart later that day---after I had pumpkin-spice-bombed my house with a profusion of abundant autumnal candle-lighting-zealotry---and I decided to was time to switch OB's.

It wasn't any one thing. Maybe it was that every time I called into the OB office, I had to wait through 12 rings only to navigate my way through a phone tree and then be put on hold indefinitely.

Maybe it was the constant rescheduling. I didn't actually get an appointment with my OB until 18 weeks. I was handed off to a nurse practitioner three times, a nurse practitioner who has since left that office.

And of course, nobody discovered I was having twins until 18 weeks.

The final straw was the bladder infection that went unnoticed for 10 days!

No wonder I've been feeling terrible. Granted, the pain wasn't severe like it is when I'm not pregnant, but it was enough to make me feel flu-ish, exhausted and crampy.

The happy ending is that my mom came over to help. While I lay in bed and moaned, she ran to the grocery store, she loaded the dishwasher, she tidied the kitchen. Then she took the kids to her house to spend the night.

My friends, mothers are evidence that there is a God!

After awaking from a long, uninterrupted nap, this is what I did:

Img_4285 because even though it's Fall, a pedicure can make even the roughest week feel just a wee bit better.

At least I'll have pretty toes to look at while I deal with the hassle of finding a new OB.