Week 25: Packed In With Pillows

Img_4313Last night I slept on the couch because I was keeping Matt awake with all my thrashing, groaning and rearranging of pillows. I suggested that he rig a pulley-system above our bed the better to haul myself into different sleeping positions. He said we just need a bigger bed.

It's true our bed feels claustrophobic once I've packed myself in with pillows like a fish packed in ice. Add to this that I'm unpacking and re-packing myself every 2 hours and the result is, neither of us gets decent sleep.

Of course, I'm still battling a bladder infection and a first-grade boy who seems determined to single-handedly upend the American educational system by proving that one size doesn't fit all!

We have been forced to think creatively with James. The one glitch is that I'm absolutely exhausted. It's impossible to think creatively when your only thought is: Sleep, More Sleep. Followed by: Food, More Food.

We've made charts for James, dangled incentives, had long talks. And then we struck upon brilliancy: manual labor! This thing called hard work is amazing. I'm considering giving him all my chores now that I see what The Little Engine Called James can accomplish. He puffs around sweeping floors, picking up toys, scooping dog doo-doo, trundling up and down the stairs fetching and carrying.

He's so exhausted that doing a worksheet seems like fun.

When he gets home from school today he will be emptying his entire bookcase and re-organizing it neatly. That oughta keep him busy.

Maybe then I can get a nap. And another snack. Lastly, here's the belly-view from above (if I lean over, that is):