Remember Blabber Boy?

Yes, Blabber Boy is back. It only took three days of school and he's back to his usual antics.

The health office calls me because James is not feeling well and can I pick him up early?

I get to the school. James is perched on a chair, legs swinging, chatting merrily with not one--but two office ladies. Entertaining a captive audience, no less.

"Hey mom!" he chirps, and waves. He bounces out of the seat, wiggles into his backpack and skips to meet me.

Sick? Riiiiight.

The health nurse rounds the corner to let me know that James would like to speak with the principal. Oh he would, huh?

She ushers him to the principal's office.

"I'm not in trouble or anything," James begins, "but I just had some good news to share with you."

"Oh? I always love good news!" the principal replies. "You can share good news with me anytime!"

She has no idea, the poor woman.

"My mom is pregnant. And it's twin girls!"

"So now the girls will outnumber the boys," the principal observes.

"Well, just by one," James admits regretfully. Like most boys, all of life is viewed as competition. In the case of our boy to girl ratio, James has begrudgingly relinquished the Winner's title. 

As we leave the office, James announces:

"Wow, I've never felt better in MY ENTIRE LIFE!"

Just what I thought.

"She said I could talk to her anytime I have good news!"

"Like that you're not really sick and don't need to go home?" I ask.

That pulls him up short. He glances at me and I swear I can see his brain scrambling desperately for a legitimate excuse.

Sorry to burst your bubble, son, but did you really think you could outsmart me? I may be pregnant, but I'm not clueless. And I'm not amused.

Let the games begin.