Who Needs a Mortgage? Cardboard Boxes Rock!

Img_4230The upside of having to purchase TWO cribs this past weekend was that the empty boxes provided hours of entertainment for the kids. Also, the store gave us a 10% Twin Discount for purchasing two cribs & two crib mattresses.

The big box became a space rocket. Matt cut eye and arm-holes into the smaller box and the kids took turns wearing it like a robot costume.

This morning there were crayons, backpacks, pillows and paper spilling out of the big box.

"Why is there so much stuff in there?" I asked.

"Well, Mom," Jude explained, "when you go on space trips, you need lots of stuff."

"Well, I guess that's true. But how do you all fit in there?" I wondered.

"Oh, we just do," replied Jewel.

Which proves that if our kids are content to cram themselves into cardboard boxes, there's no reason we need to move to a bigger house to make room for the twins.

How will we all fit in this house?

We just will.

Besides, I doubt any bank is going to give us a 10% Twin Discount on a new mortgage!