33 Weeks: Strict bedrest

Having lots of contractions. Ultrasound discovered that my cervix has shortened too much. Doctor has placed me on strict bedrest. I can't sit, I can't walk, I can't stand. I can lay on my side and use the restroom. That's it.

She's hoping to get 2 more weeks out of this pregnancy. Looks like I'll be delivering a lot sooner than planned.

It stinks. I didn't plan for this. So I'm going to lie as still as possible for as long as possible because otherwise I'll be in the hospital for the rest of this pregnancy and I really, really don't want that.

I will post updates...pray that I can get to 35 weeks. Matt may post for me since I shouldn't even be posting right now, ha ha.

Back to bed.

Much hugs to all my blogging friends!