34 Weeks: Still here

Img_466934 weeks. It feels like a huge milestone. It feels like I've come so far.

And yet, time has slowed to the point where one hour feels like a full day, one day feels like seven.

I won't list my many physical complaints. Suffice to say, I feel...terrible.

The thing holding me up? Your prayers, the encouraging comments and emails, the stories from friends you've known who've given birth to twins.

Good news? Babies looking healthy.

And we decided on names! Yay! Oh, I'm not telling you now...you'll have to wait and be surprised! ;-)

Also, with all the prayers being said for me, I'd like to return the favor---afterall, I'm just lying in bed and honestly, I can only watch so many re-runs of Project Runway.

Sooooo...how can I pray for you? I would love for you to leave a comment with a prayer request---or email me if it's personal.

Looking forward to hearing from you....and now, guess where I'm going?

Yep. Back to bed.