Clearly, They've Outgrown Dora The Explorer

From the back of the minivan, Jewel announces: "Mommy, Dora is totally blind!"

"She's not blind," I say.

"Yeah, she is. She's always like 'where are we going?' when the road is right in front of her."

"Ah," I say.

"And she's fat!" James adds, emphatically.

"She's not fat, that's for sure," I answer. I'm guessing they think Dora is fat in comparison to the skinny Disney princesses?

"Mom, have you even seen her head?" Jewel asks.

James bursts into laughter. "YEAH! Her head is like HUUUUUUUUUGE!"

They both chortle gleefully.

James, now in full swing, shouts: "AND SHE'S STUPID!"

The entire van resounds with their shrieks of laughter.

"I know she can't be stupid," I say.

"Then why does she go: where are are my glasses? and they're totally, like, ON her face!"

I think this is taking it a bit far, really. But my saying so is as pointless as reminding them that just two minutes ago they loved Dora.

Weird. I'm already one of those parents who goes: Remember when...?

It's true what older moms say: it's gone in a blink.

So, Dora, thank you. Where are we going? I don't always know, but here's to cherishing each moment because soon...they'll be gone.