At Least We Have Palm Trees

Img_5299So, I haven't been out in...huh, that's weird. How long has it been?

Anyway, I went out. People, I drove the freeways. And practically had a panic attack. I was like: is it just me or did the freeways get exponentially worse in 6 weeks?

It's just me. The freeways have always been bad. When I'm driving OC freeways I always feel like I might die in a fiery crash. Which is better than LA freeways where I know I will die. In the OC,  at least the freeways are decently smooth. But when you slam into a huge pothole on the 91 West? That's how you know you've entered LA County.

That, plus the gridlock. The 405 is always  gridlocked. 2am? Gridlock. 6am on Christmas morning? Gridlock. Sometimes I think those guys selling flowers on LA street corners oughta set up shop on the 405. They'd make way more money, just walking from car to car.

"You're going to make me crash," Matt is always telling me when he's driving. I can't help it. Since I've had kids I've become a habitual gasper, pointer and pumper of invisible brakes. I'd like to think I've prevented some accidents. Really, it's probably the opposite.

I gripe a lot about the freeways. But then my sister called me and she's like: "Hey, it WARMED UP to 16 degrees! I'm taking the kids to the park!"

How can she possibly be excited about 16 degrees?

"It's better than minus 2 degrees!" she chirps.

OK, I'll stop complaining about traffic, now. At least I can look out my window and see palm trees. And sunshine. There's a reason so many people want to live here. It's called: Climate Not Hostile To Human Life.

p.s. hey sis: i took this pic myself and it's my best attempt at sending you sunshine. in case you forgot, these are actual palm trees with actual sunshine on them. when are you moving back to California?????