8 Weeks!


Both girls smiled at me this week! I captured a bit of a smile on Jasiel (first pic above); though later that day they wouldn't stop protesting their new coats to give me a smile!

The girls have doubled their birth weight, and now weigh about 8/12 lbs. each! Woo hoo!

They are also sleeping for longer periods at night. We've been able to get two 5 hour blocks of sleep for about a week now. They sleep from 9:30pm-2am and then from 2:30-7am. Hopefully we can keep this up! The key to managing everyone's schedule is by keeping the twins on the exact same feeding/sleeping schedule. So far, so good.

The older children are really beginning to bond with the twins. James is very protective, Jude is playful and Jewel is my biggest helper. It's interesting to see the roles they've assumed in relating to their baby sisters.