The Twins: 4 Months!

Img_6228Jorai is the fighter.

If your sister had been sitting on your head for nine months, you'd come out swinging, too.

When Jorai was delivered, her head was all dented on one side--evidence of having been her twin's personal easy chair.

Her head is fine now, but she seems determined to prove ain't nobody sitting on her again!

She eats like a tiger, poops with a vengeance, cries with gusto, and smiles so big her entire body folds in half with the sheer joy of seeing one of our faces. 

She used to outweigh her twin by one ounce. Now she outweighs her twin by a full pound.

She's gonna be the girl who falls down, scrapes her knee and gets right back up without crying about it.Img_6233_3

Jasiel is more delicate.

In her first weeks, we called her "Bossy Jasie" (it rhymes) because she cried so easily and couldn't be consoled unless she was held. She was bossing us around with that cry!

Her movements have always been more graceful than her twin, although she doesn't seem as physically strong.

Jasiel was diagnosed with trachea malaysia.  Basically, she has soft cartilage in her throat that has yet to harden so when she breathes she makes this cute little hooting noise. The pediatricians have assured us it's fairly common in preemies and will resolve itself by 18 months. If you recall, Jasiel was also the twin who had the cyst on her brain during the pregnancy. Thanks be to God, the cyst dissolved on it's own.

Of course, I can't say for sure, but my guess is that Jasiel might be the princess and Jorai might be the tom-boy.

One thing's for sure---when they both smile, one eye gets smaller than the other. Just like their Mama!