A New, Old Friend.

As much as I love blogging, I am still very much a "real" people person. I need live contact. I need real laughter, because sometimes :0) doesn't cut it. One day, Matt said:

"You should meet Sarah. You're both writers, have kids, have a mutual friend and live in The OC."

I'd been reading Sarah's blog for about 8 months. I loved her weight loss story, her passion for exercise, her mindfulness of the small, beautiful details of everyday life.

So I emailed her. She emailed me back. We met this morning at a park with our kids. I recognized her immediately. In fact, I yelled her name across the parking lot! It was like meeting an old friend, but better. She was the new friend that I already knew! We talked and talked and talked just like old friends do.

As mommy bloggers, we write to know that we're not alone. And when youhave other mommies who come along and leave a comment saying: "Hey, I've been there, it's going to be OK" or "Wow, your babies are so cute!" or "What a funny story!"---it is very meaningful in real life.

Today I got to connect my blogging life with my real life. So, thank you, Sarah, for being open to friendship through this crazy, wonderful thing called blogging. You got me all choked up when I read your post about our meet-up .  I am SO TOTALLY adding you to my blog-roll! :-D