Mommy, Interrupted: A Gratitude List

I often view interruptions as an affront to my all-important plans. I don't have time for this, I think. I use that thought to justify my irritation. But what if my thinking is all wrong? What if the real problem is my hurry, my flurry, my rush, rush, rushing?

Today, I am thinking differently about all the interruptions in my life.

I am grateful the Lord interrupted my life and didn't let me continue with my own plans. My own plans were leading me straight to Hell. His divine interruption anointed my life with salvation.

I am grateful for the child who interrupts my to-do list and asks me to play with him. Remembering to play, to laugh, to make up silly songs keeps my life fresh and interesting.

I am grateful for the twins who interrupt my rushing around with their cheerful faces. I stop and smell the roses babies. If anything smells sweeter than baby cheeks, I know it not.

I am grateful for my husband who interrupts my "complicated" emotional life and helps me laugh at myself.

I am grateful for friends who interrupt my daily routine by calling unexpectedly just to say hello.

I am grateful for prayer which interrupts my thoughts and brings them captive to the obedience of Christ.

What interruptions are you grateful for? Please share!