Friday Gratitude List + HAPPY UPDATE!!!

1. We closed escrow on the new house! We move in (God willing) on Monday!!! HIP HIP HOO RAH!
2. Winning over (a few of) the seniors in my parents' community--they now wave and smile.
3. Bladder infection still in remission.
4. A playdate with friends (it's a brave soul that invites FIVE kids over!).

And now, my favorite part of the new house: An entire wall of floor-to-ceiling, built-in bookshelves, complete with a space for a window-seat in the middle! Most of my books have been in storage and I'm so excited to unpack all those dear, old friends and arrange them nicely. Since we won't be hooking up our TV anytime soon (Matt & I decided to go cold turkey on TV for awhile), I'm looking forward to spending more time reading, again! Yay! Here's a pic (very bad, poor lighting--but you get the idea--and handy husband doing some pre-move-in measurements? yep, he comes with the house):

Here is the kids' favorite part of the new house: a yard + a pool!

Lastly, whenever I'm at my mom's she's the one taking pictures. So, here I am with all five of my babies! Have a great weekend, everyone! NEXT WEEK: How I Won Over the Seniors.