Northern California & The Purple Scarf.

I had forgotten how chilly Northern California can be in the summertime. That is, until last weekend when we pulled into Monterey, CA. and it was 63 degrees under a heavy blanket of fog. Yes, I am the wimp who thinks anything under 70 degrees is COLD.

The scarf I brought along as an accessory became an indispensable necessity. My ears would not have survived the beach without it. Please note the shrunken, ancient Old Navy sweatshirt and the clashing yellow shirt. Ladies, it's not easy to look this good.

When not in use as an ear-muff, the children took the scarf and pretended it was a kite. How is it that a child can look lovely without even trying? Not fair, I say.

Oh, well. At least I have this guy. He loves me no matter what.

"Mommy," he says, "we'll be friends forever, right?"

Oh, Jude. Your love is better than chocolate.