waking up with a third eye

So, yeah. LOVING the new house. The water heater broke, the oven wouldn't heat up, did I mention the $8500 gas leak? And now, we have fleas. We've all been bitten except for Matt. Which means he's either half-reptile or he eats too much garlic. The jury is still out.

So, I called the pesticide people and they came out and sprayed for fleas. All that toxic, crazy, cancer-causing chemicals will give me a third eye by tomorrow morning but for now? I'm just wondering why FLIES are dying everywhere? We have scads of flies dying slow, ugly deaths on windowsills, spinning in circles on the floors, banging their poor bodies against the screens. All of them shrieking: LET ME OUT! LET ME DIE IN PEACE!

This is weird because: we didn't have a fly problem. Where did they come from?