A Weekend At Home.


I love Southern California in the fall. This past weekend couldn't have been more perfect. Warm sunshine, a cool breeze, achingly blue skies. We've only lived in our new home for two months, but it feels like I've lived here forever; like I've finally come home.


When I was young, I dreamed of a glamorous, exciting life full of travel, many friends, important people. But God had better dreams for me. He's given me a beautiful life at home. I never imagined it could be this fulfilling. My important people are these precious children, my glamorous days consist of grass-stained feet and afternoons cuddling on a blanket.


I have the profound joy of witnessing these wittle shweeties blossom and grow. There are days, months, years when this job is overwhelming, when I feel like I can't.go.another.day. And then there are days like this past weekend when I nearly weep with gratitude at the unending gifts of our Heavenly Father.

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