A Day In The Life of An Imperfect Mommy.

Ali Edwards is doing a great Week In The Life Project. The idea is to document your life right now in all the little, daily details. Although I can't commit to a full week of documentation, I thought I'd try to do at least one day. Here's a peek into my day today (in no particular order).

Wednesday, October 1, 2008:

Crock-pot dinner: Apricot-glazed Pork chops, steamed green beans, sourdough bread w/butter.


The babies drink their bottles, I drink my Diet Coke (in the mini-can--I can never finish a full-size).


After school, the older children swim and then play a game of hide-n-seek.


Pile of shoes by the door. Proof that life lives here.


Stack of books next to my bed, my journal is on top. Um. Yes. I read too mushhh. Matt's favorite question is: "Can you turn off the light now?"


The kids' favorite thing: the Gumball Machine. With the lid off for easier access, of course.


A leftover game of forts, battles and grand conquests.


Mr. Cuddle-Snuffles (his real name) tucked safely away on Jude's bed.


Fall decorations on my front porch.


Two babies, two cribs. Best friends.


Matt built these kitchen shelves for me. I know. He's a keeper.


Books on a chair by a window. The book on top is a vintage Cinderella from my childhood.


This was fun! Maybe I'll do it again tomorrow in chronological order and try to get a pic of myself, too.