Week In The Life: Day 2.

Thursday, Oct. 2, 2008:

The morning rush: Matt carried Jewel's cello for orchestra practice, Jude hurried into his shoes.


My morning cup of coffee--nectar of the gods.


And after coffee, I cleaned bathrooms...


..and changed the linens.


I played with babies who saw my toes....


and then tried to eat them.


I spent my afternoon doing carpool duty, helping with homework, supervising room clean-ups.
And then, YAY! More swimming! It's been blazing hot here in SoCal!


Milton got groomed today. Doesn't he look dashing? And yes, he even plays a little football--the fetch kind.


I lit my Yankee Pumpkin Spice candle. I think this one adds a nice touch beside one of my favorite verses--a piece of my Mom's original art.


Of course, we watched this:


I thought Sarah held her own. Yes, she seemed a bit nervous at first and stumbled a few times. But she warmed up and eventually spoke frankly, honestly and directly.

I was grateful for the relatively unbiased tone of this Vice-Presidential debate. I've grown weary of the media's shameful treatment of Sarah.  She has been attacked, vilified and berated. Some days I wonder: do they really just hate conservative women like her? Like me?

Sometimes this makes me sad. I feel like there are those who want to extinguish the conservative voices of women like myself who believe in the sanctity of life, marriage, family and children.

Let me be clear: I may disagree with Sen. Barack Obama. But if he is elected as President of these United States, I will honor him and I will honor his Presidency.

Will the other side be as respectful if Republicans win? Some days, I honestly don't know.